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<title>Text Changer</title>
<script language=javascript>

/*/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯                                        /
/  =-=-=-=-=-= Text Changer =-=-=-=-=-=                                          /
/                                          Author:                               /
/     Nick Trevino                                                               /
/                                          Description:                          /
/     This code changes the text within       the <div> tag below. You can show  /
/     any number of lines, and it still       will show them all! It also stops  /
/     changing the text if the user has       their mouse over the text. If you  /
/     don't want mouse overs to stop it       from changing, then set stopOK to  /
/     0 instead of 1.                                                            /
/  Usage Tips:                                You can use this and the HTML tag  /
/     <img> to make it change different       images on a set timer! Or you can  /
/     also use it to change links using       the stopping feature so users can  /
/     click the links! See if there are       other ways you can use it.         /

// Just put the different bits of text into the array separated by a comma.
// You can use HTML tags also. If you need to use quotes, use the single quote,
// ( ' ) or use the escape character ( " ), both without parenthesis.

textLines=new Array( "<b>Text Changer</b>",
   "Created By...",
   "<b>Nick Trevino</b>",
   "Visit my JavaScript site at:",
   "<a href=''>Nick's</a>",
   "This script is on...",
   "<a href=''>!</a>");

// The Text Line to start on (The first line is line 0).

// Set the delay time inbetween each change (in seconds, decimal values can be used).

// Set this variable to 0 to stop mouse overs from stopping
// the text from changing.


function start(){

function Change(){

// Check to see if the user has their mouse over the text.

// Make sure we are on a valid Line Number and if not, set it to
// the starting line.

// Set the text inside the <div> to the specified line number.

// Increase the line number by one to get the next string.

// Call this function again to write the string to the <div>.

// -->
I was bored one day, so I made this. Maybe it will be useful to someone...
Here are the lines of text this example will change through:
1: <b>Text Changer</b>
2: Created By...
3: <b>Nick Trevino</b>
4: This script is on...
5: <a href=''>!</a>
6: Put this <div> tag
7: Anywhere on a page!
It can do more lines to if you need to. It can do as many as you need!
In this example, the stopping feature is set to: ON. Try moving your mouse over the text. <br>
It will stop changing.<br><br>
<div id="textChanger" onMouseOver="if(stopOK==1){change=0}" onMouseOut="change=1"></div>



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